Increasingly, Healthcare communities are using online applications, both public and private, to provide greater access to information and services as well as to improve internal business operations. However, the potential for improvements in service delivery and productivity come with many of the assumed security risks faced by existing systems as well as new and previously unknown risks. In some cases, the sensitive information and communications that may be involved in these activities will require greater security assurances than can be provided by deploying simple security measures.

More and more, Healthcare organizations are realizing the value of IP-based security and asset tracking solutions. A well established infrastructure can support projects as simple as a small-scale video surveillance monitoring solution of a hospital’s critical areas, to location tracking of vital healthcare equipment and special needs patients. Let Leverage help you engineer a solution to meet those needs. Our many years of experience in the security and monitoring arena have given us an unparalleled insight into the features and capabilities needed to give you state-of-the-art capabilities in these areas: