Cisco Wireless

Healthcare organizations are highly mobile by nature and hence are constantly challenged with delivering adequate wireless services to access patient records at the bedside and enhance maximum responsiveness. Many hospitals are deploying Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks to support a variety of healthcare applications. These WLANs must perform optimally in a wide variety of physically different building structures. For example, many hospitals have unconventional building shapes, diverse building materials, and connect to other buildings. Cisco WLANs perform optimally with a wide variety of client devices, such as handheld devices, laptops, mobile carts, WiFi voice, WiFi location, etc. Cisco WLANs in hospitals are also be resilient enough to handle various sources and levels of interference.


AeroScout is endorsed by the AHA Cisco's wireless networking products have the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).
Leverage is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner Successfully deploying a Cisco WLAN network that is able to provide the diverse services in a challenging environment can be a challenging project for any healthcare IT organization. Doing it right the first time requires a special set of skills and knowledge that sometimes is difficult to find. By partnering with LEVERAGE, a Cisco gold certified partner, organizations can be confident in a deployment that meets the demanding challenges found only in healthcare environments.