Healthcare organizations have unique needs, which can be met only by securely connecting all healthcare employees to the same information and communications infrastructure to deliver vital resources anywhere, anytime, to any device.

A Cisco Unified Wireless Network provides access to critical information at the point-of-need through a scalable, cost effective solution. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network delivers mobility, security, and instant access to data applications which can help healthcare organizations accelerate responsiveness, increase productivity, and improve the quality of care provided. Cisco WLANs in hospitals are also be resilient enough to handle various sources and levels of interference.

The Cisco Medical-Grade Network provides a highly responsive and trusted environment for securely sharing vital healthcare information. It improves interactions among stakeholders throughout the entire healthcare community by delivering the right information, to the right people, at the point-of-need. The Cisco Unified Wireless Networks is a core part of the Cisco Medical-Grade Network infrastructure.


AeroScout is endorsed by the AHA Cisco's wireless networking products have the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).
Leverage is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner LEVERAGE is a Cisco gold certified partner, making us qualified to provide documented wireless installation, complete RF site surveys, and related network design and analysis services. LEVERAGE provides a broad portfolio of services that address all aspects of deploying, operating, securing, and optimizing even the most complex wireless and Medical-Grade network to help increase business value and return on investment.